Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Social Media Salon

I got a shorter haircut relatively recently (you know, a cut where people ask "I thought you were going to grow your hair out?") and now I'm rethinking what I want to do with my hair. It's one length (bangs too) that is right at chin level. I haven't colored it in three years, so it's a medium brown, very straight.

Here are my options:
  • Keep it at the present length and color it 
  • Cut it shorter
  • Cut it shorter and color it
Keeping it as is, is not an option.

I tend to get stuck in ruts when it come to hairstyles and such (another blog topic entirely :  ), so I thought I'd toss this out here on the blog and Twitter (follow @kateered) to get a wider variety of perspectives.  This strategy was inspired by a co-worker and fellow blogger -- Molly at The Snyder 5 -- who sought feedback on formal dresswear.

Please vote for which cut and/or color look you like (A is the top photo and F is the bottom photo; I think you can figure out the rest).

A: COLOR = Bold, chunky blond, red highlights CUT = Similar length to mine right now, but she has bangs.
B: COLOR = Very Subtle, highlights CUT= The length of her hair is just a touch longer than mine.
C: COLOR = Even bolder, chunky blond, red highlights CUT= Shorter than mine, with bangs and layering
D: COLOR = Deep red, burgundy highlights CUT= Shorter than mine
E: COLOR = Blond, light highlights in the front CUT= Shorter than mine
F: COLOR = Full blond (not likely to go this route) CUT = Shorter than mine



 You can provide your feedback in these ways:
  • Tweet on Twitter (follow @kateered)
  • Comment on Facebook 
  • Post a comment on (right here!) 
I thank you in advance for your insights and will keep posting about the incoming votes and final results. (Don't let the faces in the photographs bias you. Just because a cut and color makes Jessica Simpson or Keira Knightley look good, doesn't mean it'll do the same for me.)


MollyinMinn said...

I'm a big fan of D! I think that would look great on you!

CLW said...

B is super cute

kristy said...

I'd go with A. Try some bangs for fun, and when you don't like them, you can just put them to the side with a little bobby pin. You can texturize and goof up the hair a little to be more "edgy" or just straighten it for a more polished look, I think. Who cuts your hair? Are you going to try somewhere new? I actually went to Mia and Maxx at Oakwood by Younkers because it was the weekend and nobody else was open, and I really like...oh, I don't remember her it's Ellie!

MollyinMinn said...

Can I say I like the color of D but the cut of B? I'd actually merge those two.

Anonymous said...

I am with Molly, the color of D but the cut of B.

JennyF said...

I'm going to say color of D but cut of A - I've always loved the inverted cut of shorter in the back with length towards the front, I think it would look sassy on you!

Jen Westpfahl said...

I definitely like the cut of A. I'm not a good person to ask about color as I've never colored my hair. It scares me!