Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dive In

A few weekends ago we were once again reminded how lucky we are. We were in for a long day on a road trip to St. Cloud for Grace's baptism. We were on the go from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m and Grace didn't fuss for more than a few seconds throughout the entire endeavor (thanks in part to Grandma Jane whose job it was to keep her occupied during our drive … something tells me she didn’t mind the “job” too much.)

Grace didn't mess her beautiful dress (photos coming soon) and looked so cute with her little barefeet kicking about : ) She also did great afterward, being passed around and hanging out with family. She was especially interested in hanging with Uncle Adam. It was an eventful day as she sampled some of the sweet and sour things in life -- some lemonade from Grandma Patti and a taste of frosting thanks to Grandma Michelle.

Even though she tends to have a devilish little grin on her face most of the time (see photo), Grace was an angel during her baptism ceremony. She was especially intrigued by the basin of water and looked like she wanted to dive in and splash around.

Speaking of water-based adventures. Grace loves baths now. We stopped giving her baths in the plastic tub we had over the kitchen sink and transferred the event to a inflatable bathtub that we place in our master bathroom. It makes for a funny site – a big jet bathtub with candles placed around it, complemented by an inflatable rubber ducky tub in the center of everything. We made the transition because she’d gotten so splashy and grabby in the sink that we had more water on us and the floor than we had in her tub. Now she can splash away to her heart’s content.

No wonder Grace found the baptismal basin so appealing.