Saturday, May 17, 2008

Heads Up

Grace (and I) did great with the first week of day care. We have a great in-home provider who really eased our minds about this transition. She updates us on how the day went and told us that Grace loves watching the other kids. I imagine they do much more interesting stuff than us adults. My days at work were good too. I wore real clothes (not comfy pants or hooded sweatshirst) and real shoes (not slippers or footie socks). I had real conversations (by "real" I mean conversations with words : ) And I really looked forward to picking Gracie up.

Now we put her to bed between in the early evening, so we make the most of the time we have with her when we get home. On Friday Gracie surprised us by holding her head up (see photo).

Grace is only in day care four days a week, but it's still quite the adjustment. I'm so used to being with her all day that it was weird to not be. I remember three months ago it freaked me out to think I'd be caring for this new being all day and all night, and now that I'm no longer doing that ... it's different. Not good, not bad, just different.

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The Young Family said...

Glad to hear the transition is going well! She is sooo cute! She has the most beautiful eyes!