Sunday, May 11, 2008

Firsts and Lasts

Gracie's a thoughtful daughter. She got me a Mother's Day card and told her dad to get me flowers -- a great first Mom's Day. (It was also great on a different level because I was able to get my favorite pair of pre-pregnancy jeans on!) The day was the perfect end to a week where Gracie and I learned a lot. She learned that naps are a good thing and I learned how to get her to take them relatively painlessly. If only I'd mastered this before the last week of my maternity leave ... Yes, tomorrow I'm taking Grace to day care for half of the day so she can get a feel for the new routine. Who am I kidding? It's so I can get used to the new routine. It'll be good for her to see new faces and places. Lately it's been so fun to watch her. Even when she's just sitting in her swing looking at the toys in front of her you can almost hear the gears turning in her head, processing all the new things she is learning.

On a lighter note, Gracie's been chatting so much lately, testing out different sounds on anyone and anything that will "listen" -- today she had a 10 minute conversation with the lotion bottle on her changing table. Giraffe and Snoopy must not be very good listeners anymore.

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