Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother's "Last" Day

Here's the Miracle Blanket update that I am sure you've all been anxiously waiting for. (For those who are curious, I've included a link to the Miracle Blanket website that show's how it works. It's like a straight jacket, but works wonders.) Gracie's allowed it to stay intact since the first report, so that's good. Also, she is getting used to sleeping while wrapped in a plain-old, regular blanket (see photo). Nothing like a laid-back, chilled-out baby : )

And in other big news ... Grace is three months old today! Happy day! And that means that Mom is going back to work next week. Not-so-happy day. I'm sure once I'm back into my work routine it'll be OK, but it hit me this morning that this is my last day like this with Gracie. While I will often have Fridays off, it'll be different. My first lesson in letting go. I'm all about learning, but these types of lessons aren't much fun.

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Cheryl said...

Thanks for the link to the blanket. When Alex and Anna were little, my husband got really good at swaddling so they couldn't get their arms out- I could never master that. They always slept longer and better when he put them down in their little "mummy wraps". I think I will have to get one of these blankets for #3. Also, I took your advice and started a blog through Google as well. Our link is
if you are interested. See you back at work this week. It goes by too fast, doesn't it :( . Happy Mother's Day by the way!