Monday, April 28, 2008

Kicking It

The weather this weekend inspired us to not do a whole heck of a lot except cook. Well, Jay cooked and I cleaned up after him. Grace and I ventured outside for a bit to go to a pet store to say hi to a friend. We knew that dogs would be there from a pug rescue, but turns out doggies from the golden retriever rescue were also there. It was dog heaven for Kate! Grace got sniffed by doggies big and small and didn't seem to mind too much. Someone at the store asked me, "Is she going to be a dog lover?" I relplied, "She has no choice." Seriously though, I think she's decided she likes dogs. Sometimes when she watches Ella she'll break into a big smile. We'll try to capture that soon.

Most of the images we've posted of Grace show her either being swaddled or held. The reality is that she's is quite the alert and active little bugger. See for yourself.

This kickiness isn't a new thing for Grace, in fact it started in my belly. Once we saw how long her legs were, all of those pokes and prods made total sense. This video of her in her swing is just one example of our kicky, tap dancing girl. I keep waiting for her to do jazz hands -- ah cha cha : )

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