Thursday, April 17, 2008

Routine Changes

We've had a calmer Gracie lately. After Grandma Gorman watched her last Wednesday we changed our routine a bit. Grandma had a really calm day with baby, only one cry and I was wondering why I never experienced that side of Grace. The main thing that was different when someone else watched her that she was bottle fed. Hmmmm. Maybe she was getting more to eat at each sitting and thus was full for longer periods of time. Sure enough, when I extended the duration of nursing sessions she was a much more content Gracie!

We've also made another change, this one to her sleeping situation. We have finally removed the sleep positioner so she's sleeping on her crib mattress now like a big girl. At first we thought we'd have more awakenings during the night, but not so. She does "talk" more when she wakes up, but most of the time she goes back to sleep. We hear these conversations through the baby monitor. We also hear other sounds, which indicate to us that she may need a diaper change : )

Gracie has her favorites already -- at least her favorite things to look at. I believe we've already mentioned giraffe as her changing table companion. He chills out on the couch with her and he also went to the hospital with her (notice the IV in her little arm). (See photos.)

She also likes looking at a little girl she sees in the mirror. It's easy to see why Gracie spends time starting and smiling at her -- she is pretty darn cute : )

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