Monday, May 5, 2008

Littlest Pink Lady

The weather's warmer (at least for today), Gracie's growing like a weed (and a cute weed at that : ), and we were going to do some visiting today (congrats Valerie on your Minnesota twins!) so I thought we'd put her in some non-sleeper style clothes. She has quite the array to chose from: dresses, overalls, capris, t-shirts, pants, tunic tops and your traditional onsies. (Not to mention a windbreaker jacket and a hooded sweatshirt that I can't wait to get on her : ) This not quite three-month-old has been into three to six month clothes for the past few weeks due to her long legs so I knew we may miss the window on some cute outfits if we didn't start dressing her up soon.

I made today's outfit selection based on what I thought she was the closest to growing out of. I think we got this one just in time. This cute flowery little pink number fits her just about right today, tomorrow could be a different story. This may just be Gracie's own private fashion week!

The top photo shows her contemplating her cuteness: "Hey, I look darn spiffy in pants. Now let me leave a puddle of drool on this cute pink top."

In this bottom photo Gracie lookes like she was just caught doing something by the paparazzi: "No, I'm not baring my midriff! I'm just trying to locate my belly button. Now where did that darn thing go ..."

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the visit, it helped distract me from the surgery later that same day! Valerie