Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dressing up

We've learned that people love to buy clothes for Gracie. For example, she had an outfit (well actually she had two) just for Easter. The one in this photo one needed to be worn since it said "Baby's First Easter" on it. (Thanks Aunt Sharon!) Jay and I call the bottoms her MC Hammer pants.

So many cute outfits, so little time. We want to make sure Grace actually gets to wear all this fun stuff, she's growing so dang much. Just got her weighed today and she's now in the double digits -- 10 lbs. 5 oz.

This girl's got a more fashionable wardrobe than I do. (This is especially the case now since I'm not quite sure what fits anymore. While I've been lucky to have my tummy go back to somewhat of its pre-pregnancy appearance, my hips are another story. Let's just say there's a shopping trip in my future.) She has some really cute outfits that are the style of clothes that her mom would wear, including hoodies and cardigans. Then there's all the sports stuff for the teams her dad (and sometimes mom) supports -- Minnesota Wild, Gophers, Twins. No Vikings outfits yet though, thank goodness : )

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