Friday, February 1, 2008

Making Moves

Our due date's today and lately there's been lots of activity in my tummy. Sorta feels like the little one is getting ready to move on out of my belly: taking down pictures, packing up it's belongings, filling out a change of address form, etc.

I don't feel like we're "waiting" yet -- these months have just flown by. February seemed so far away not that long ago.

For right now, I'm quite content and so is the pug. I've been home more than usual lately and she's trying to soak in all the laptime she can get before another little being takes over the space. She still fits herself on to what's left of my lap, making a little C-shape around my belly. We're hoping Ella can teach the kid a thing or two, like how to nap all day and how to go potty on command : )

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