Thursday, February 7, 2008

Final Countdown

Jay and I always say that we work well on deadline, so perhaps our little one will too. We now have a deadline date for its arrival. If he/she doesn't appear in the next few days, I'll be induced on Monday morning. It's nice to have an end date set, yet it could still happen anytime. Regardless, this time next week we'll be home with our little one.

The past few days I've become a little more sensitive to the aches and pains I feel. Most people tell me, "Oh, you'll know when it's labor," so I haven't obsessed too much about it. In fact, I'm proud of myself for not obsessing too much about this whole experience. While, yes, I've made many checklists and ready a number of books, I reached a point early on where I knew I just had to let go and let things happen. For example, I happen to be snacking a lot. Napping is also a common happening. I know that "the nap" will likely be all I get in the months to come, so I thought I'd get some practice.

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