Thursday, February 21, 2008

Humor Us

Our daughter sure thinks she's clever. We had just given her a bath and were drying her off in a cute bear towel (picture was taken before the incident) when she decided to let us know what she thought of getting clean. Let's just say the cute bear towel is not so cute any longer. We took her to the changing table to clean her up (again) and she seemed to have a grin on her face, as if to say, "Ha. That'll show you what I think of baths." We couldn't help but laugh. With the lack of sleep and unpredicatable nature of our Gracie, humor is essential in the Edenborg household these days.
Other humourous happenings:
- Jay attempting to get Gracie's hands into little mitts. Those thumbs are so wiggly.
- Kate dumping breastmilk on Grace's head. (I hear it's good for your hair.)
- a never-ending diaper change (it kept coming and coming and coming)

We've seen a few smiles out of Grace lately -- while we assume many of them are gas-related, this one was cute nonetheless.
The photo also shows off one of her most commented on traits -- being alert. When she's not eating, sleeping or melting down, she's looking around at lighting fixtures, book covers, ceiling fans and sometimes even faces. She's going to be a smarty. Wonder who she gets that from? : )


mitch said...

Nothing is as remarkable as the birth of your first child. What a gem. From your posts, things seem to be going well. It is a sacred sort of time.


Anonymous said...

She's adorable!! Humor definitely is essential in those first weeks--that's how we got by as well! I hate people who always have to talk about themselves or their own kids in every situation (I am often one of those people), but our little Owen (almost 6 mos) has been labeled from the beginning as particularly alert as well--we'll have to get them together before they meet as opponents on Jeopardy!

--Kristy (Kim's little sister)