Thursday, February 28, 2008

Changing ...

Whew. Just got through a diaper change. It took three, no make that four, diapers and two changing pads to complete the job. Luckily, Grace is usually calm during the marathon diaper sessions, watching with amusement. She is so expressive with her eyes, and is becoming more and more expressive with her facial movements as well. It's fun to see how much she changes each day -- making a new sound or new face, or learning the new skill of smacking me in the head : )

This week we've taken a few trips in the car and she doesn't seem to mind the car seat (see photo). Well, she likes being in it in the house and likes being in it when I'm driving, but is not as big of a fan when she's being carried in it from point A to point B. Ella like's Grace in the car seat too. Baby in car seat means that baby is leaving the house. Baby leaving the house = nap for Ella.

Grace has started to enjoy her bouncy seat. Right now she hasn't quite gotten the hang initiating the bounce herself. As is the case with most of the seats, swings, toys we've received for her, the bouncy also vibrates and has songs. It also has little cute things that move. She could care less about all that but instead focuses her attention on a mobile of farm animals that we've hung from our kitchen light. Gracie likes what she likes : )


Anonymous said...

Man, that girl is CUTE!! Can't wait to see her in person. And, you are so right about Ella. Karl absolutely loves camping out at the foot of Norah's high chair. In fact, he gained 4 lbs this winter... we can only attribute it to all the extra food he is getting from her.

Glad you are enjoying your time... I certainly don't miss the days of changing clothes and bedding twice a day, but I do miss her being so tiny and waiting for those first noises.

Hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Great picture of baby. I love the updates. She changes so much in just a week.
Grandma Patti