Friday, February 15, 2008

Amazing Gracie

Grace has arrived, and yes, life has changed drastically, just as everyone said it would. (And everyone said it with a knowing look on their faces : )

It is such an adventure. From labor and delivery (which I won't go in to detail about here) to bringing baby home -- it's so amazing that such a small little bundle can have such a major impact on everything. Jay and I have found strengths we never knew we had. We also are wondering what we used to do with our days and nights. While it's not to say that we haven't watched some American Idol or spent some time online or taken a few minutes for ourselves, but the time spent feeding, grooming, dressing, diapering and even just watching her is so rewarding. (I do realize that this is only the first week, and we may need to remind ourselves of the rewardingness as the weeks go on : )

Grace has changed us ... already made us better people. Sleepier people, yes, but better nonetheless.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to all of you! She's a beautiful baby! So happy for you. Enjoy her... sounds like you already are. keep up the blogging.
Rachel (and Doug and family too!)